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Suzy (수지) is a Korean pop singer and actress. She is a member of the girl group miss A.

Stage Name: Suzy (수지)
Real Name: Bae Su Ji (배수지)
Birthdate: October 10, 1994 (age 22)
Birthplace: Kwangju, South Korea
Height: 166cm (5"5)
Weight: 47kg
Education: School of Performing Arts Seoul (SOPA)
Languages: English (Basic), Mandarin (Basic)

Instagram: @skuukzky
Twitter: @missA_suzy
-She was born in Gwangju, South Korea
-Before debuting, she was an online shopping mall model

Suzy (miss A) albums, songs

  • Wind Wind Wind

    [lyrics + video]
    Romanized Munbakkeneun gwitturami ulgo Sansaedeul jijeogwineunde Nae nimeun osijineun anko Eodummani jiteogane Nae nimeun baramiryeonga Seuchigo jinaganeun baram Oneuldo ... [read more ...]
  • Moment

    [lyrics + video]
    Romanized Eonjena geu jarieseo Geudaen byeonhaji annneun geoseul mitnayo Hangsang geudaeroigil baranayo Geuge aniramyeoneun ijeobeoril geongayo Ijeneun bin jari ... [read more ...]
  • Don’t Forget Me

    [lyrics + video]
    Romanized Deutgo innayo seulpeun nae honjatmareul Geudael geudael tataneun imareul Bureumyeon dasi apeumi doeneun ireum Geudae geudae geudae Gakkeumssik geudae nae ... [read more ...]
  • Don’t Forget Me (나를 잊지말아요) Gu Family Book OST

    [lyrics + video]
    Do you hear my sad monologue? These words that blame you The name that becomes pain when I call it You, you, you If you are smiling at thoughts of me sometimes I ... [read more ...]
  • Farewell Under The Sun (대낮에 한 이별)

    [lyrics + video]
    We exchanged our last goodbyes As we sobbed We hugged each other tight Saying how much our hearts ached Because we didn’t treat each other well As we wiped each ... [read more ...]
  • Wind Wind Wind (바람 바람 바람)

    [lyrics + video]
    The crickets chirp outside Mountain birds are twittering But my dear isn’t coming Only the darkness is thickening From far away, I hear the guitar sound Coming ... [read more ...]
  • I Won't Do Bad Things (나쁜 짓 안 할께요)

    [lyrics + video]
    I got slapped on the cheek and came to my senses I learned the pain of an immature love I see my girl leaving and I can’t hold onto her She’s going… my girl ... [read more ...]
  • Pretend (행복한 척)

    [lyrics + video]
    난 또 행복한 척 더 더 행복한 척 난 또 행복한 척 더 더 행복한 척 아무에게도 말하지 못한 비밀이 있어 이렇게 웃고 있지만 나를 바라보는 많은 사람들은 행복해 보이는 나를 보겠지만 ... [read more ...]