Ice Fantasy

Ice Fantasy picture


Year: Drama 2016

Title: Ice Fantasy / Huan Cheng / 幻城
Episodes and Genre: 62, Fantasy Romance
Broadcast Period: Jul 2016

Genre: Romance, Drama, Fantasy
Created by: Guo Jingming
Based on: City of Fantasy
Written by: Shen Zhi Ning
Directed by: Ju Jue Liang


  • Feng Shao Feng as Kasuo
  • Victoria Song as Li Luo
  • Ma Tianyu as Ying Kong Shi
  • Zhang Meng as Yan Da

Theme songs

  • 1. "Bu Gai [Shouldn't] (不該)" performed by Jay Chou and A-mei 
  • 2. "Xin Di [Bottom of Heart] (心底)" performed by Cindy Yen 
  • 3. "Meng Hua [Daydream] (梦话)" performed by A-Lin 
  • 4. "Ai Hui Huanyuan [Love Will Be Restored] (爱会还原; Ka Suo's theme song)" performed by Ye Huaipei 
  • 5. "Li Luo (梨落; Li Luo's theme song)" performed by Cindy Yen (version 1), Victoria Song (version 2
  • 6. "Ai Ru Ying [Love Like Cherry Blossoms] (爱如樱; Ying Kong Shi's theme song)" performed by Huang Yuxuan (version 1), Ma Tianyu (version 2)
  • 7. "Wo Bu Fangshou [I Won't Let Go] (我不放手; Yan Da's theme song)" performed by Yu Ziqin (version 1), Zhang Meng (version 2)
  • 8. "Bi'an Yu [Fish on the Other Shore] (彼岸鱼; Lan Shang's theme song)" performed by Xi Peijin 
  • 9. "Lian Shang [Death of the Premature Lotus] (莲殇; Lian Ji's theme song)" performed by Kelly Yu 

Ice Fantasy OST - song list